I Cheated

Logan Paul

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    Sorry Josie :(
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    I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

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    1. Baby Ichigo

      That’s funny

    2. Conspizz

      People who think this real 🤡

    3. Malachi Edwards

      Haha that fake bc I've seen the vid

    4. Kane 22

      who would of thought it was clickbait

    5. Lucky Cactus

      2:37 is my all time favorite Logan moment!

    6. Jean-Luc Légère

      That’s her the first

    7. Ok



      i love the fun here..

    9. Hassan Kabba

      logan vs rocky

    10. Niklaus Leventis

      "i would immediately want my money back if this was the notebook" LMTAOL


      fuck you all

      1. A Random SHoe

        And fuck off who cares

      2. Cpo O

        Calm down Johnathon

    12. Jingle Bops E

      when Josie falls, Logan falls

    13. Jaber A


    14. Ethan Grissom

      Why don’t you fight someone tough for a change mommas boy and fight Carl Johnson he would knock you out in less than 5 minutes easily, you stand no chance against Carl, he’d hit you so hard that you wouldn’t be able to feel your face for a month.

      1. Ethan Grissom

        @Deepa Parakkal I commented it on like 10 vids lol and my friend wants to fight him so badly

      2. Deepa Parakkal

        Yo, you commenting this on every one of Logan's vids, chill out, take a break, you need it.

    15. EGG

      EGG Ma balsax up

    16. Kooper Huffman

      Who else watching as they broke up

    17. Fortnite Cringe

      Fuck you!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😠😡😠😡😡

      1. Cpo O

        Ur cringey😬😬😬

    18. I love fortnite

      On ur math test -_-

    19. Lukas Satkauskas

      part 2 on orange youtube if u know what i mean

    20. Rico Travis

      Was that Mamet the end

    21. cookie :3

      Bitc/h clickbait

      1. Cpo O

        Awwwww did mom tell u that u can’t curse😬

    22. It’s Meh Bubbles

      I thought this is jake Paul

    23. SnipezzZ_Beas1

      I thought she was gonna say it had a friend dwarf mamba shows up in black hair

    24. J'Angelo Amina-Gabriel

      Wait she cheated before you

    25. Ultimate Gamer

      he should make a movie

    26. TripleAGaming

      I feel like cu he got 800k likes on his last video beofre this one

    27. Mikaiya Hall

      Why at the end does it sound like DAVID?!

    28. theFitty

      *I'm not too sure what I just watched*

      1. Cpo O

        @theFitty get a life bot

      2. theFitty

        @Cpo O :D

      3. Cpo O

        U like ur own comment 😬

    29. Ryan Mulvaney

      I’m the early men

    30. Aryadeep S. Ruhil

      2:!7 george is so coolllllll

    31. cdfv4

      When it's better then actual movie trailers

    32. Wisher playz

      The dude with the Teddy bear merch looks like a cavemen when he shaves🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    33. Kirstie Kat

      I actually feel dumb for watching this...

      1. Cpo O

        @Kirstie Kat yea

      2. Kirstie Kat

        @Cpo O I guess so... there’s entertainment out there that broadens the mind and then there’s entertainment that just numbs the mind... like this 🤔

      3. Cpo O

        @Kirstie Kat are u a nerd

      4. Kirstie Kat

        @Ryan Mulvaney yes I do... it’s absolute drivel that I could have gone my whole life without watching...

      5. Ryan Mulvaney

        No you don’t

    34. LiL LLAMA

      Hahahahaha I thought

    35. ALPHA KURT

      I am a Turkish fan and I love you. I came from the video of ENES BATUR. YOU'RE LOVE

      1. ALPHA KURT

        Sorry bro but ı dont undrstand englısh sorry ;(

    36. conniejoshua1

      Love you man

    37. conniejoshua1

      Love your videos

    38. Nygo


    39. Tod Clark


    40. Wavyy

      Matthew 3:2

    41. Wavyy

      Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon

    42. Ivan Bautista

      that's josie

    43. stonks


    44. The Impures


    45. Ani Mosinyan

      Makes sense

    46. Saltiesaltieproductions

      cringe fam

    47. WILDNOM

      The way he said she had a friend at 4:20

    48. Francisco Rodriguez

      That's what you call clickbait



    50. Mohamed M

      it so weird the ghost for logan was josie the ghost for josie is logan that so messed up

    51. Lil Nugster

      *I cheated* ...... On A tEsT?? pLs LEt iT bE a tESt ThAt yOu cHeAtED oN 😭😭🥺🥺🥺🤞🏼🤞🏼

    52. Fossil fuels are destroying the planet! 🌎

      Jake Paul should offer $100,000,000 million to Khabib Nurmagomedov. Who has 29 wins and no losses, he retired with an undefeated record in 2020, after the passing of his father. Jake Paul Vs Khabib Nurmagomedov fight would sell a lot better on pay-per-view then a Conor McGregor fight ever would.

    53. ChickenBaby -

      Is it me or I still remember the vlog when logan bought that purple chair in 0:13 and that he said he would put wheels on it while the cool bus was being made where my og homies at

    54. The Baker

      I’m a pastry chef please consider supporting my channel I’m new to HUfast 💕

    55. Josip Stanic

      She gone to cheat You

    56. Nibin


    57. Antionette Collins

      what shall I do because I am subscribed already soooo.......

    58. Sparks !

      Lol the grudge reference is so fun y

    59. aburritoboi

      Why are his vlogs so much shorter than they used to be?

    60. Jechx

      4:01 is that a sound from destiny 2 before beyond light released

    61. mickeynag


    62. Will Naranjo

      This was hands down the best shit I’ve seen all week lmao if u wrote this Logan ur on a different level

    63. short scene

      The cinematics are sick😂🤣

    64. Adam Hutira

      Why people still watch this Bull shit...I mean it's not funny at all and you just giving a money to a stupid, childish and most eqoist person i've ever seen...

    65. Faiaz Hasan

      Told my dad

    66. Faiaz Hasan

      Why is this not 18 plus I'm sitting there watching this video . I told him you r my favourite HUfastr and then ghost ass slappin man appears

    67. Mikaiya Hall

      Oh hunny no

    68. Reptilian Alien

      Bro epic ending


      can you support me by subscribing ?

    70. Zachary Anthony

      The ring girl is 13

    71. Mikaiya Hall


    72. Rafael Terrier de la Chaise


    73. Elysia Gamble

      Why is no one worried about how he smashed that bottle AROUND A DOG?!?!?

    74. Alisano Nannuri

      Random but who remembers ayla

    75. f*ckyou guys:D

      thge fiickjmfn b f+qrifhqerufjqwofh+urhwtrfgeufbe d7fbefgapirfgt79n gryrfnrgfbpjirh gjnklyharghirb rhibgtu9grjbgrh ghrubgjhebgjiaerguietghptjig t gruigpuietghpti ghogbruhgaei´jgqet grbifjwrhigberogtiowe getbugbweuigwetu u bis of shit

    76. Student SONAR Neil


    77. Amara

      haven’t watched him in 2 years i miss the plate smashing😕

    78. LIΛM PΛUL

      😂h*ly sh*t

    79. Tompotje


    80. Libby Hunsdale

      Can we take a moment to actually realize that this was for clickbait I shall applaud you Logan nice production brother

    81. PatrickMisJo

      Why the fuck aren't you verified?!

    82. Jaymee Kori

      WhAt in ThE WorLd is On HiS LaP?!?!?! 0:09

    83. Dan Moreta


    84. Jairo Andrade


    85. Pierce OBrien

      4:42 it’s so obviously Logan

    86. Saddy Phase

      The sketch 😂😂😂

    87. Sofia Suliman

      THIS IS HANDS DOWN the shittiest video ever made on youtube. waste of five minutes

    88. Sophie sloat

      Stop laughing what is funnyyyyyyyy

    89. Cam Lewis

      I knew it was fake I just wanna watch the video

    90. the watermelon

      2:56 ayo josie moaned?? put it in 0.25x

    91. Tr34 juve

      How desperate are people that see your fucking drama or show


      Your brother fights like a lil bitch

    93. Minecraft OP


    94. Sketee

      I cheated on ur dad with ur mom

      1. balachandran k

        classic lp joke

      2. Sketee


    95. fish


    96. sam


    97. D Block

      That town they were in with the party bus has a golden retriever as a mayor

    98. Kakarot Gaming

      Wait a minute. If Josie was the first ghost who was the second one?

    99. THE BaBuChAk

      Funfact they break up due to this incidence