I Painted Josie Like One Of My French Girls

Logan Paul

8 M megtekintés923

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    I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

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    1. Clutch - CODM

      Pls dont break up

    2. josie

      oh no

    3. BelleDelphineLover69

      2:06 They are good bo0bs- She just straight up lied without giving a f*ck

      1. Temoor K-01

        u trynna say that they arent?

    4. Elmond

      its like the good old david dobrik days with jason and trisha = mike and lana

    5. God

      You do realize, its pretty easy to unscramble a photo 0-0

    6. TRAP Bear

      1:20 lets go get some good stuff

    7. MrZach C

      The lady who got so many money’s I bet she got lots of 1 dollars :)

    8. Ken-Russell


    9. Jatin

      Legend says that painting is why she left him.

    10. SpicyBoi

      wtf ist this shit!

    11. e Robbo

      8 million views for that shit Lmao

      1. Fiddled


    12. __

      She looks musty

    13. AIsingularityAI

      did you hear the rumour about butter XD

    14. Ayush N

      2:45 lol the reflection is on the TV.

    15. CROX

      no just no stop

    16. CROX

      why do se look like lana rhoads

    17. Yeelang Moua

      best joke i heard of 2021

    18. Niklaus Leventis

      Jesus. How is Paul so fudging adorable and fun to watch at the same time? Bwahahahahah. Bruh this is good shit💘

    19. Bruce Wayne

      Im pretty sure your editor busted more nuts on josey than you

    20. Impdor


      1. Impdor


    21. Ethan Grissom

      Why don’t you fight someone tough for a change mommas boy and fight Carl Johnson he would knock you out in less than 5 minutes easily, you stand no chance against Carl, he’d hit you so hard that you wouldn’t be able to feel your face for a month.


      Get in the car we’re going home 🤣🤣

    23. EMS Playz

      lol wtf why does the thumbnail look like a zhc thumbnail

    24. bobbin banana

      3:56 lol

    25. Glorify Thy Name

      What a load of garbage Seek after eternal life is far more profitable

      1. bucel cpsbr

        it's entertaining for very many people.

    26. Tommy Foreskin

      Put it in a piggy bank that was awesome im gonna do that

    27. Animex

      Huh but he is color blind how tf did he paint her

    28. César García

      Who's she? 3:56

    29. PS4Freak

      who tf is amariah its lana

    30. BP forever

      Lana was about to kick logan LMAO I can’t stop laughing 😂 😂

    31. Logan Paul Has spoken

      Logan Paul has spoken

    32. Raghu Ambre

      Titanic scene..😂😂

    33. MRxSnipEr


    34. Chubby Hubby

      This is the best Logan hate that he seems so pissy now..

    35. Andrea Angelini

      Haahhahahahah LMAO

    36. gootube sucks

      id make her beg

    37. Quinn Reed

      the nipple part😂

    38. Mike Io

      0:56 mikes diikk

    39. Gilberto Silva

      lana rhodes - why the fuck is logan here we never get any privacy mike- his my best friend, if he wants to hide under a car and grab your torso he can do that !!! mike is a fool for falling in love with a porn star but he told her straight ! he got respect for his bro , big up big up

    40. Ethan Tenski

      i was expecting a stick figure but...

    41. Matthew Hantel

      I really doubt you’re going to see this but I’m gonna say it anyways but your exes dad is stupid if you’re trying to get an a ring with you and I’m gonna come in on impulsive to But I know you and Josie are going to get back together

    42. Ayyan Babar

      Who remembers this video of Mike

    43. fnaf reacts

      Omg pur art

    44. game squad tutorial

      Did you get demonetized

    45. Naughtigan

      tv reflection...

    46. Jarosław Dąbrowski

      Fuck this Video ist Not Good for Kids and showing Bobs

    47. Moamer Eskic

      How the heck... If ur color blind then how do u know the color.

    48. Moaz

      Why does this give me Titanic vibes 🤣🤣🤣

    49. Austin wakefield


    50. rito pls warwick nerf

      0:48 Heey, step-Lana help me, I'm stuck

    51. Mekelle Angel


    52. Mekelle Angel

      "They're good boobs, i admit" "I can vouch for that" "I am so uncomfortable"

    53. Michael Jimenez

      How is no one talking about George at the end that shit was hilarious

    54. itz_ya_boi_derr 1

      What happened to breaking plates

    55. landon lewis

      Watch the tv

    56. GoodTude Dudes

      Damn this is awesome! We're going to do it too hopefully one of these days if we ever have enough $;) Way to go guys!!

    57. Logan Main

      She’s been ran through so many times

    58. Pavee likk


    59. Adrian Alanis

      Hey Logan here is one for George why did the turkey cross the road twice because it proved it wasn't a chicken bc chicken croos the road once

    60. Dabomb

      The Georgy ending just tells me that georgy either used to play video games or could play video games

    61. ScytheZenith

      2:13 what shirt is george wearing?

    62. siddharth singh

      Great painting

    63. Balint Toth Bagi

      woof woof all dogs

    64. aleksander

      3:37 the pewdiepie reactions is the best

    65. Aedon Everett

      If you can fly to ohio, you can come get these hands pretty boy

    66. Caveman Entertainment

      "What do you call someone with no body and no nose, Nobody knows" 🤣🤣

    67. Logan Paul Brasil

      Algum brasileiro aí?

    68. naynayjbj

      I love you Logan hahahahhahahahahahahah

    69. Sam Seepers

      Beginning of the video. Mikes wearing pewdiepie shirt

    70. Kyle Indianz

      Lol logan my man ugly gf

    71. uncooked ham

      My husband is leaking from his anus!

      1. Clintzie Andromeda

        Oh does he 😂?

    72. Aman

      Mah Gawd!!!!

    73. drippy

      he said oh my god shatty

    74. Vision ll

      Oh my goddamn shawty😂😂😂

    75. Plubs

      when your gf has lots of butt hair

    76. 8632-Badr Shadi T. Aldaoud

      If you look at the tv while she is wearing the towel you can see her naked

    77. Alex Cordero

      Wait hasn’t mike been in that robe 😟

    78. Ashie

      Logan if funny as

    79. songsonly97

      Well that brings a lot happiness 1:20

    80. Amritansh Singh Rathore

      logan gave us a hindi CC thats great.

    81. JaayRides

      Can barely tell the difference on the painting, excellent work

    82. SI Production's

      I love logans jokes

    83. Amanda Rebert

      Logan make more videos with George and then he is hilarious

    84. Damian Farvili

      yoooo thats my park, lake balboa, i used to practice football at the park next to it

    85. Coleman Jeter

      Hayden is a fuckin legend

    86. skreller gamer

      i would love to be logan pauls editor

    87. Metallfusion

      3:29 peeewwwdiepieeee

    88. Antonio M

      someone can tell me the app he use to edit videos? :c pls

    89. Evan Singer

      4:01 the best part(s)

    90. Paula Jean Reynoso

      I am only 7Turning 8

    91. Paula Jean Reynoso


    92. Her


    93. Prestyn Saole


    94. Revelare Psychic Tarot

      special kind of awesome funny. great edit!

    95. Arham Aurko 75

      I think Logan is a perv

    96. Carter Pond

      watching after the breakup

    97. JuicedVoid

      this didn't age well😂

    98. Kanye South

      Man months later this is recommended to me so I just hope that homeless woman didn't get robbed or anything and I hope she's doin better