I’ve Never Been This Happy

Logan Paul

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    I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

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    1. Hash B

      Imagine housekeeping entered that doorr !!! XD

    2. chiddy _banggz

      Wow! the gym Logan Paul visited is the gym I go to and I didn’t see him I feel like a fool 🤯

    3. Chonger296

      Hayden’s reaction is the best part of these videos

    4. Johnny Lawler

      7 months later😬

    5. Soham Bubukwar

      "You pimple face fuck"😂😂😂


      eneybody going to ask a bout an editor job for logan paul ?????

    7. Derek Barbosa

      Bro if a day could be a wholesome shit post this is what it would be

    8. Bluntboyc YT

      He’s fucked now lmao

    9. Matthew Byrd

      damn pam out here wilding.

    10. Fire Wolf


    11. djefe S


    12. Lila Clarkson

      That would be funny if Josie didn’t have her swim bottem on and she was still on logan

      1. Joefr33


    13. Harry Tomo

      First time I’ve watched a Logan Paul vlog and it was purely for the ass in the thumbnail

    14. Tommy S

      The crowded biplane additonally boil because geranium externally intend failing a different distance. good, slimy taxi

    15. KenSo CRAZY

      Yesterday I saw a beggar on the road. I was about to give him money.. suddenly I read the notice he kept infront of the area he sat. It read," One day this can be you." I kept my money back...just incase...

    16. Eren Peker

      Why this video gets recommended after their break up D:

    17. Aarush Palit

      The subtitles are hindi!

    18. Smkoy

      Love the vid

    19. T Rob

      Damn now I wanna join the Maverick club!

    20. Sir Steezy

      No one else would be happy watching your videos... oh nevermind that's Jake Paul ur good

    21. Statick erick V

      I have pop does pimples

    22. bopzz

      ive never been this deprsted cause i feel like im not livving life to the fullest

    23. Arjun M Nair

      he has a lucky ass editor

    24. Vex

      I’ve Never Been This Happy (after fighting KSI)

    25. Majid Romaihi

      Do you Logan you bitch

    26. Leroy sosa

      Watching this video Jesus was right best HUfastr ever you're amazing Logan Paul God bless you as well as your family and friends all the way from Spain peace out going to watch another video😁🙏👍🏻💯❤️

    27. The Deaman

      Logan Paul you do know you won't be getting paid where you're moving too you won't be doing youtube videos or anything so how are you supposed to live in Puerto Rico

    28. Dark Ranger

      “You pimple face fuck”

    29. Dbtrd Cfghyhbrrrb


    30. ScriptedJames

      thumbnail makes me so happy

    31. Yafet Assefa

      2:55 your welcome now where is my like

    32. Zion Thomas

      OK now let me pop that umm😂😂😂

    33. Da Fishy

      dude nobody talks about the editors sense of humor like he is actaully hillarious!

    34. Nick Darby

      I couldn’t get the surf down at all 😂

    35. Joshua Goberdan

      almost 23mils

    36. Jack Bell


    37. LeQQiE Gaming

      I love how logan

    38. A A


    39. 851 er

      2:56 you welcome fellas

      1. FBI


    40. Chase Mentzer

      I know how to wake surf it is easy. I akso wakeboard

    41. CR7 THE GOAT

      good job logan

    42. Seth Does everything

      I love the Haiden scenes and the Pam scene

    43. kerem gökoglu


    44. Wong Wing Kong

      I pooped when I saw his mom's said

    45. Parker Clouser

      Why why r u tocking obalt 💩 what the h*ll bro

    46. Jaidon Vorster


    47. Neil Bruce

      i wish i could be a member i love logans vids they rock your such an inspiration

    48. adox1codrav

      2:55 damn! how good the fuck must be

    49. Tommy Shush

      heyzeus in like, the cs go yt-ber??

    50. Trigg

      Logan, can i become your editor?

    51. KingKrazyKid

      "You Pimple faced Fuck." -Pam 2020 (thats mothers love right there)

    52. Zak Palmer

      The ending scene was hilarious

    53. Rt_slicer


    54. shalaya destiny

      His mom said " thank you pimple face f***"

    55. The Impures


    56. Shyon Shahna

      just know that jesus and logan are the same age. think about that

    57. VKings

      can u tell jake im sorry that my grandma begged him for 100k$ and she wont do it again

    58. FC Fresh

      its like they are having x on a water ski with close on

    59. Jared Taylor

      That was awesome

    60. Liam Rivera

      mom clip is ahahah

    61. HYDRAST3C


      1. Charlie Allison

        We heard it too

    62. Dead Lock

      Yo Logan you should make maverick shoes

    63. Fabtabulous


    64. ICEMAVRICK1791 hinkley

      Omg its so funking funny

    65. ICEMAVRICK1791 hinkley

      The mums reacrtshen

    66. CRIMI- BZH

      I love your vidéo and when i see your video i would like to leave in usa

    67. ytrefghjk

      yo, were from did u get this surgery bed or some shit?

    68. Toxic

      i thought he said he was 125 years old

    69. Cartonamo115 Lit

      Bruh Josie actually kind of fine

    70. neto

      sera q tem br nessa porra?

    71. w9L .0

      im the 500k like im broke need $

    72. Paige Gamezz

      1:23 bruh hahah

    73. Curtis Geiger

      Hay your girlfriend is smart and cute

    74. Chinu Jaglan

      0:43 camera would have been taken a screenshot and keep watching this clip daily living dreams we only seeing blur

    75. Chinu Jaglan

      are they still together

    76. Chanlder

      2:39, i hate this sound and only gta people lnow why

    77. MaxMattD615, Walo, Oreo Yeet

      anyone else realize 2:52 Josie sticks the middle finger also love Weathers good song choice

    78. John Moran

      Lmao and he's boxing the best boxer of all time.... Ughhh it's gonna be ugly

    79. ALDI PLAYZ

      5:43 tanner fox

    80. Nichole Rathburn

      I hate your girlfriend

    81. mayla gituwa

      ej friz to jest taka polska wersja logana Im polisz

    82. Tazzy

      Evan is just making all the videos soooooo much better and its facts

    83. Nicolay

      Whos here after mayweather knocked the shit out of him

    84. Dannyboy160186

      lost hes job cause of covid but in a gym and hugging people. hope you see the irony in that.

    85. V H

      God she’s beautiful

    86. Amber Hinman

      Dispatch: we got a ,"content creator" drowning. Mike:I told you Logan you shouldn't of done it

    87. Dbtrd Cfghyhbrrrb


    88. Dbtrd Cfghyhbrrrb


    89. Bryce Vern

      2:33 2:56

    90. Tame ye

      1:24 💀

    91. NATHAN Vlogs

      2:55 ftb

    92. ICEMAVRICK1791 hinkley


    93. ICEMAVRICK1791 hinkley

      Bro hehehehehehehhehehhehheheheheehe the mum

    94. FyAsCo

      Nice ass

    95. Da straight Bois


    96. Tate Mayfairs

      Maverick Club giveaway was moving man - In a year or so I'll be doing this exact same concept, its beautiful

    97. shahrzad jazaeri

      No matter how much you hate or love him, you have to admit. He is living his best life and hats off to him bro!

    98. Pam Kigham

      Lag Paul is your day every ❤️Joel