Logan Paul

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    I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

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    1. The Last Brain Cell

      anyone know the song 0:50

    2. Nomoretime

      8 months later they're single

    3. Jahshshdhdgsh

      jesus is king

    4. [joker] loveYou

      yapmak istiyorum bebeğim

    5. atix yt

      I fully agree

    6. DragonFire Gaming 25

      It’s the opposite of most the man wants kids the woman doesn’t

    7. Kerdetz

      Logan: picks up shit nugget, *testing what it smells like* Also Logan: *almost dies*

    8. مهدي _MAHEDY

      You are such a lunatic.

    9. filip lunden

      Dis is fejk

    10. Jack Lichtenstein

      The way he put emphasis on the word "boys" in "nelkboys" at 2:45 had me laughing

    11. SmileZ_ Jay 1

      I’m done can I please win thegiveaway

    12. GK Lives

      Your gf is not for videos dumb herrrrrrr!!!

    13. Francisco Medina


    14. Francisco Medina


    15. August Rehfeld

      What are Thise bikes called?

    16. Dawid Mikołajczak

      HUfast WHAT THE F IS WRONG WITH YOU. You age restrict random videos but video about ,, **WANTING TO MAKE A BABY** '' is perfectly fine.

    17. Ben Tookey

      Didnt watch it tho just came here to say that.

    18. Ben Tookey

      Just came in my recommended😂😂

    19. Kichi

      Can someone tell me the name of this song pls 0:44

    20. Trollzy _

      0:45 song?

    21. Derry O driscoll

      Add my snapchat boxer3910

    22. extibite playz

      What logan doesn't understand the fact he can't have kids because he lost 15% of his right testicle for q good dam vine

    23. Moreno97

      Porque el título en Español?

    24. Ethan Brooksair

      I'm glad Logan isn't a shallow dbag

    25. Otako Vlogs

      You are the best

    26. Musta

      Hiw much that bike cost

    27. Mr.Herbert

      i was eating during this video

    28. JET

      if logan cut all his hair off for the floyd mayweather fight he would look bad ass no cap

    29. Wizer Hb0mB

      What is that bike I want one 😂

    30. Alex

      Does anyone know the name of the electric bike that Logan is riding????

    31. ChrisxCubb

      Logan just called me a b*tch its like getting an autograph

    32. silly guy

      Can't smell anything. Someone snorts pills.

    33. Agenda TwentyOne

      Baby Logang? I'd buy that merch!

    34. Hedgehog Boi

      Reason 1 why Josie broke up with you.

    35. Sensei Tubagoo 13 / subscribe to your sensei

      I’m glad they broke up, Josie is too average

    36. NERD

      Mike- Dogs Asshole

    37. Adam Leovick

      I wonder if she had Covid hahaha She didn’t smell the shit?!??

    38. Bruh Studios

      How does he knows what a dogs a hole smells like? LADIES AND GENTELMEN WE GOTEM HE SNIFFS DOGS BUTTS!!!

    39. Anika Rose

      Do you and Josie have a couples name of you don’t you should make one Logan!

    40. Anika Rose


    41. Omyg Teo


    42. Casandra Blue

      What's the name of the dirt bikes?

    43. Mairead McEvoy

      Class mate

    44. Doug Casper


    45. Angelo Mitchell

      3:40 Logan: “Look how cute she is?” Josie: “It’s not” Logan: “Uh, not at all” ... Loved how fast my boy gave up just like that... 😂😂

    46. Angelo Mitchell

      I... Have the biggest crush on @danistrobel it’s ridiculous how much of a crush I have on her.

    47. Karmelo Smith


    48. Vanessa Knight

      L like. Your video Logan. PAul

    49. Infinite Soda


    50. GoSsE The YouTuber

      Josie is a great influence on Logan

    51. Ezequiel J. Bucci-Torres

      There is a reason why she is with Logan an can’t smell shit even if it’s right in front of her face. Lol.

    52. creATOR


    53. C.J. Skulls

      This close to a million dollar man is shoving dog crap in his two-year-old never washed slipper I like it

    54. George Pomeroy

      I been watching ur vlogs I knew ur fighting floyd Mayweather let him throw punches then hit with Counter punches even if it looks boring it's only way u win u have power only takes 2 not 1 but 2 when u hit first then make sure second hit harder.

    55. Rose Ahart


    56. Benjamin Rodriguez

      Booty allalakalalalloolo

    57. Frederic Zintl

      What are the bikes called?

    58. Noah Reid


    59. Dave J.

      No don't do it Logan

      1. Huxals

        They broke up

    60. Potatums

      0:52 whats the songs name ?

      1. Potatums

        @Jergio_Job nice but its not on Spotify which is F

      2. Jergio_Job

        @Potatums I finally found it! ZI lighter feat Chris allan

      3. Potatums

        @Jergio_Job nope still trynna find it

      4. Jergio_Job

        Did you find it?

    61. andre montes


    62. Crabbin .2k

      who’s here after they broke up😢

    63. khaalid ahmed

      ksi better

    64. briandemartinez

      What a creep

    65. Jackson Coleman

      Try mountain bike racing

    66. CH4RLI3 J

      lets be honest we all looked for this

    67. Ralph Lauro


    68. Honza Krotil

      Anyone here after They broke up and Logan said to her father that he loves smashing consecos?

    69. Ieva A

      When lougan paul says smash a girl on yt oh shit i have a girlfriend time to break up now

    70. EN 8A

      This mans back to 2017 logan

    71. Domonkos Schveger


    72. Shifter 316ZR1

      Is logans girlfriend a underwear model

    73. Wildert Marte

      i love smashing consecos

    74. TheBananaPeel


    75. Brianna Watson

      Bro I’m a huge fan plz notice me bro love u bro hope Jake keep winning those fights let’s goooo

      1. Shea Bradley


    76. James Jones


    77. John Bon

      Why is your girlfriend always not wearing clothes tell her to where clothes

      1. Clay Green


    78. gdlk

      You can see how fake his family and how he desperately trying to suck money out of his fans that mostly kids...

    79. Łukasz Łapiński

      what the name music 0:45

    80. Amy B

      what in the fuck......

    81. THE BaBuChAk

      Break up sad

    82. Hayden cong

      How fast is the bike I can run faster then it 12ph

    83. Jeremiah Ramirez

      Fucking cute girl bich😘😘😍😍

      1. Clay Green


    84. Mando Valles

      I'm so sad they broke up 😭

    85. Harrison Crowley

      You need to get a Siron mountain bike it can go 80 mph

    86. luiz Henrique

      Brazil kk

    87. TattedBoi

      its so funny and sad for logan in a funny way that he wanted to have a baby with a female that knew she was never going to have a baby with him she wants to just run thru men in a thotty way, the fact logan cant even keep a gf for over a year but wanted to have a baby with her is just embarassing and sad and shows how fake ppl in hollywood or LA are like even hearing about a Hollywood couple that lasted 5 years is like the same as ppl hear i Minnesota having a marriage that lasted 50 years ...like honestly its so pitiful that ppl want to go live there, especially when every star and even these guys said everyone there is fake and always looking for whats the next way to get famous , and nobody has a soul there and that its hard as F to get real friends there because they all have alterer motives

    88. ChumBucket 08

      Get married first

      1. Clay Green


    89. Whitnie Courtney

      I love you

    90. The Election Crew

      What are those bikes called

    91. semaant verma

      Whts the name of that bike

    92. Faraz B

      Diy baby making

    93. Emmi Ball

      I love how Logan paul has a girlfriend but coryxkenshin doesn't have 😂

      1. Caleb Kaufman

        he doesn’t they broke up

    94. Isaiah Drybones


    95. khalid kadim

      so how do i join ?? the 10000 give away

    96. Guy Fawkes fan

      I've got a sniper and a bullet with a compartment for an abortion pill. What should I do?

    97. Tyson Vylasek


    98. legendary cowman

      oh that baby won't live a happy life.