Logan Paul - 2020 (Official Music Video)

Logan Paul

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    Directed by Logan Paul and Juliana Accettone
    Song Produced by Jake Broido & Jaron Crespi
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    I’m a 25 year old living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

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    1. Michael Martinez

      This is actually really nice. Good shit bro

    2. Thiery Peters

      I thought this was bad at the start but..

    3. Jakub Lupa

      yeah but 2021 isnt great anyway, and we all knew it wouldnt be

    4. Liam Connolly

      Who's here after Mike broke up with Lana Rhoades?

    5. sujith kodagoda

      As a harry styles fan.i am respect logan soo much.are they any haters of harry after he wearing a dress?

    6. Exo Aye

      2020 sucks

    7. Anubis



      Someone get me a fire extinguisher Cus this shits fire 🔥🔥

    9. Brandon PRADO

      Anyone in March 2021? ✋

      1. George carr

        When it's just as bad as 2020

    10. Jack Grant

      How tf am I the only one without a scandal yet

    11. DXXM *

      Idk why y'all mad, 2020 is just kinda like a teacher that is helping us be ready for worst years, I'm just tryna say that 2020 isn't gonna be the worst year in out lives. come back in the future when you realize what I'm talking bout :)

      1. benoe

        In terms of 1 singular year, we won't beat this. I don't think many have really aknolaged the enormity of the deaths- more than ww1 more than any day in ww2 or any civilian casualties or the blitz.

    12. Ash Choran

      After 20 years, people would look back to this song and be like, "wow...."

    13. Tropical Llama

      2:09-2:18 favorite part

    14. Tropical Llama

      Nothing like 2016(another song from LP) Edit:Ty Logan if you read this for mentioning Kobe Bryant and Pop Smoke❤️they were my favorite other than you❤️🥺

    15. Alexirelandvlogs

      I reckon Logan should quit boxing and become a singer that makes music like Justin I reckon he would be pretty good at it

    16. Umar Marrah

      Then I,m a legend

    17. Born2fap

      logan paul american pewdiepie

    18. Mortika Lacrosse Studios

      Fuck 2020 for reals!

    19. Auris Imvu

      Love this

    20. Kenzie Taylor

      You smell

    21. rindy long

      The I still dont have any pants on part got me 😭😂

    22. rindy long

      Rip Pop Smoke Rip 24

    23. zenithXgamer

      This is boring

    24. Hannah Eadie

      Ok, why the freak is this song actually good and why the freak is he actually good at singing... I’m so confused rn 😭😭 like damn Logan is actually talented. He can act, sing, fight like next thing we know hes going to post a vid of him doing amazing gymnastics. Like tf-

    25. Kari Snyder

      He got shot

    26. Kari Snyder

      So you shut your mouth

    27. Kari Snyder

      Donald Trump is the best president

    28. Bob the gamer

      only good song but is good

    29. PalSimmo

      What if this was the only proof of our existence when we go extinct

    30. SAGS

      2/10 rating for the song, you can do much better.

    31. Yajirobi

      The accent is no good stop. STAAAAAP

    32. Reginald Shezi

      My favorite song so far omg I’m in love ❤️❤️


      han marc

    34. Choklad Monstret

      This is good😂

    35. Eric Cartman

      Evry HUfastrs of the world should do a song like this together instead of rewind!

      1. Yeon & Yoon


    36. ilyLunar

      imagine youtube took this down for harassment

    37. Ruinzpro

      This whould have been better if why dont we was their

    38. Mr k 13

      I listened to this song about 20 times



    40. Sebastian Villamizar

      FUCK YOU 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!

    41. HTZ BLAST

      this song's like a talor swift thing except its male voice and different things it feels the same like talor boy sayin hardcore words in a song with a lil bit of rap thing

    42. HTZ BLAST

      its a very good song it has good lyrics good background sound idk much bout that it has good beats its just very good background music very good honest opinion

    43. Sidnee Love

      so, you're telling me, i was watching the fall of jake paul, now im here...okay then

    44. Stride

      Never hatef Logan and i cant lie, i love Logan's songs man

    45. Saverio Miceli

      how long is 2020? 3 minutes and 53 seconds

    46. KDJ MJ

      Im 8 and I love this song

    47. KDJ MJ

      Welcome 2021

    48. Aqua

      This is like rewind but as a song

    49. IG: Zulu_x_boii

      The jack Harlow line git different

    50. Ved Trivedi

      Logan is the one who is the one who only cares about jake but ' like *FUCK LOGAN*

    51. rosmawati idris

      u are dream

    52. スハウ


    53. Ahmad Alhassani

      Sheesh I wonder if we’ll ever look back at this song just to see how it was

    54. John Laurens Side Chick

      i knew there was a reason i was a loganger 4 years ago

    55. Robloxian pro

      Why do i love this song....

    56. Marie Acero

      i actually feel bad for 2020

    57. David Ohaegbulam

      Ngl this was pretty bad

    58. donnette dabriel

      I blame Karol for this

    59. illuminate _

      not a bad song

    60. Colby Williamson

      What a good song wtf

    61. Fan23

      I like your mullet

    62. Fatimah Rufai

      Its actually our fault that everything that happened that year

    63. Lee Lee

      Super inapropriate

    64. Lopes J

      Much respect to this man Logan. Not the biggest fan but my man is killing it. If anyone really looks into logan and his perception of things hes a FUCKING genius. Kepp going brotha. Love the podcast btw and the pokemon pack openings :D

    65. kingforceplay

      Best song by Logan

    66. Claire Beatty

      Miss the music

    67. Shrek51

      I mean i dont like logan paul very much but... I gotta be real here this song slaps bro

    68. Rylan Breen


    69. Declan Joines

      I love your song Logan

    70. Head Head

      This is golden

    71. Raín


    72. purple hax

      damn he actually got carol baskin

    73. Ak Akhile gaming

      Heck yeah

    74. Angel Gediz

      respect -

    75. heronpanda 642

      Vs bralw stars vs

      1. Mattplayz Roblox

        Roblox vs bralw stars vs ZOOBA

    76. Blairxe


      1. Mattplayz Roblox

        @Blairxe Idk watch 6ix9ine most likely ZAZA

      2. Blairxe

        WHAT ?

      3. Mattplayz Roblox

        6ix9ine out of jail showed up at my home Who cares about that you and 6ix9ine was in the news

    77. Raunak Jain

      I miss the old Logan and jake

      1. Mattplayz Roblox

        Umm i missed you

    78. k a ! e m k a

      What rubish is this

    79. 2020

      What is this

    80. Rita Antulienė

      Im jos Livingstonas in lithuania

    81. Marili Coetsee

      I hate this song!!!!

    82. Jesus Rosas

      Logan after jakes makes good music

    83. Temple Team bomb

      Tiktok sucks (my opinion)

    84. Shadi Laba

      I disliked Logan when he was with jake but now he’s better and I’m starting to like him again

    85. wolfie_nall

      Oh shit

    86. Caden Farrell

      I love that Logan got nothing but nice comments here! It's good to see he isn't viewed as a POS now, and further more I have been subscribed through everything. Even if my friends made fun of me for it and that's a fact , been subbed since Vine and I'm 18 now so do the math.

    87. Johnny Holloway


    88. Natalie Dorn

      The Harry styles line, hit more than anything

    89. Banana Op

      That’s 🔥

    90. Nelly roe

      the only bits i like is when your face didnt show also bro your songs are trash :P most of your songs are about you or your merch maybe get a life -_-

    91. Guns of Glory

      This is fire song 🚬

    92. Eren Yeager

      You gotta give him props that even tho he really f-ed up he cane back and really changed as a person i honestly gained some respect

    93. Yah Baby4eva

      Do a 2021

    94. Dylan Coffman


    95. Uncle Ted Talks

      Logan Paul for President

    96. Gamemanchan ,

      Love the song

    97. RIFL SWIFT

      This it the best song ever

    98. Hugskevl

      2:02 has aged well

    99. Thomas Bird

      This is kinda lit yo wtf