Opening The $200,000 1st Edition Pokemon Box (Official Live Stream)

Logan Paul

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    I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

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    1. Logan Paul

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      1. Alexandra Parfene

        I bought 1 of al your clothing

      2. Niels Priem

        Yo man epic vid

      3. hot boy

        Subscribe to Mr beast

      4. Planeta Gol

        Si te gustan los TikTok pasa por mi canal Gracias

      5. Coyt Lawson

        Is he keeping that cards

    2. SAWDUST

      Someone get Logan a good pair of scissors to open those packs

    3. Patsy Hunt

      No you lied to us your dream

    4. Patsy Hunt

      Your dream

    5. huhjared

      Is it just me , or is the audio just trash ? (With earbuds)

    6. Alexa K

      I watched just to see what everyone was talking about. Mike literally says nothing funny ever. He is beyond annoying

      1. It’s Gabe

        Shut up

    7. JVCKPOT

      Wasnt it a scam

    8. Timotheus Angaleus

      These guys are high as Fuxk calling everything a 10 and a bulbsaur for 30k 🤣😂

    9. JJ

      what a stupid dwarf

    10. Blue

      Its 2021 Logan

    11. Dave Ninnis

      When Logan screams Chansey like a girl 🤣🤣🤣

    12. TheGamblinGoon

      Ahhhh I’m really about to watch this shit rn🤦🏽‍♂️

    13. Ian Unlimited

      Wait till Fortnite cards are 20 years old 🤑

    14. MaynardOwns

      Rich enough to spend that much on cards. Me gave my shit to my cousin and she wrecked them and broke as a fucking joke owing my landlord over 20k in back rent. What is life?

    15. The Noob King

      U can't be mad at evans bro-ness

    16. j P

      You open the wrappers perfectly and the way you revile the cards and not let any others leak in the back... bro thank you the hand work is gold your the chosen one!

    17. Thomas Fish

      How much is the box he’s opening

    18. Jason Fuller

      How much did they sell packs for?

    19. Le Levontin

      When its pokemon evolutions ;d

    20. funfor Rakib

      I love this work But i Don't have momey😢

    21. funfor Rakib

      I love all

    22. amelia hothersall

      ive just started watching you cause i love pokemon and my dad does aswell and i all ready just subscribed lol

    23. Katherine Farley

      When I wasakidmy sister and cousin loved Pokémon. I had a holographic charzard! Because I wouldn’t give it away they decided to stick it in the washer and ruin it!!

    24. Dishonor ?


    25. Danish Sabih

      There are many examples of slavery n torture n raping.... When get free reply.... Got too much to talk about... On Westernism n So called democracy n more

    26. Ur Mom

      Mike sucks he makes it cringe

    27. Ben Paris

      I bought a pack

    28. Kayce J

      My pushy had never been dryer

    29. Ieva A

      Lol lougan's mike is not vorking

    30. Justin Rausch


    31. Spencer1990

      You only opened 1 out of the 5 boxes wtf you lier. Also the collectible guru is a known scammer why have him there?

    32. Fila Finau

      My earphones are weird rn

    33. Dalli_YT

      Who just watched the recent one

    34. Emma Reynolds


    35. GT BROS

      Where could i sell my 1 edition box

      1. GT BROS

        I have it from 7years back i DIDNT know Its 200 000 dollars wtf

    36. Sarah Mugridge


    37. Pokezard


    38. Jizzma


    39. Maddison Rummel

      Omg I love you

    40. umayma Billow


    41. Albert Pinon Jr

      Fight a boxer

    42. umayma Billow


    43. umayma Billow


    44. King Kong

      Logan paul's Is a

    45. Jonathan Shirley

      Add my Instagram @cardmaina_collections

    46. seth morales

      Wtf are you people giving money to this man for .... noobs

      1. Spencer1990

        @AntBet Kap

      2. AntBet

        He donated all the money to mental health organizations it's not like he kept all the money.

    47. William Crow

      Why would he let the “Guru” go and ruin the rip.

    48. Daniel Campoy


    49. Scott M

      Oh great, the "expert" is here lmao wow

      1. Lucas Lomond


    50. Scott M


    51. shxdxw4812


    52. Ema

      Dude when Evan threw the box my heart literally stopped.. dude

    53. Offshore Legend

      Same name vinny

    54. Rocco Dugo


    55. AllyiscoolUwU Alicia

      Old Logen be like:why are you now edicted to Pokemon? And grow a beard New Logen:what's the matter bro it's no big deal

    56. William Wijaya

      Who's here before Pokemon Day Box Opening 2021!!!

    57. David Kessemeier


    58. Amany Harb

      Love your videos

    59. Khloe Le

      I want a pack pls

    60. The Pokémon coworker

      I’m sorry for not watching a real please not punch me in the face

    61. POW3RLESS

      My left ear enjoyed this video

    62. Wang Vang


    63. Wang Vang

      I love pokemon and you

    64. Wang Vang

      I love you

    65. MrGarnetski

      Gg for now i will never complete base set for normal work force human without drowning huge money :(

    66. Simon Hetland

      My favourite is the venusaur


      the first charzid you pulles is an errorr because the pokeball on the back the middle is blue instead of black

    68. Daniel Daniel

      Hi can you shout out to me

    69. Daniel Daniel


    70. Amir Mukhlis

      Damn collecting pokemon cards like they were live for real

    71. JokerOnline

      Mike ruins this video.

    72. Abraham Cardenas

      Mr. Beast has like such a lucky life lol

    73. Nicki Bradbeer

      Ive got that charizard card and a zapdos shiny

    74. AHMAD SAAD

      1:02:13 why you came.

    75. DNA

      Audio Engineering .... Mono haha ?

    76. Omar Tsk

      No 200,000

    77. SupremeFury

      Absolute pathetic

    78. Taybooskii

      Thank you for helping everyone with mental illness, that is amazing! And i love that Pokemon is making a come back! 🤣

    79. KRATO S

      Imagine if magikarp was the rarest pokemon card in the world

    80. cody

      Anybody got a fantastic counter for the whole video? That'd be fantastic.

    81. Raiyan Hawaiian

      Evan should get an oscar

    82. matteo kurtz

      papaplatte ehrenmann

    83. Josh Gray

      big respect to you

    84. Kannan Snell

      hype hype hype

    85. Ralf Winkler


    86. Sean Myers

      So logan, you played the games all growing up but you dont know who bill is? Fr?

    87. Sush1 YT

      Every one who buys one of these packs should get a signed maverick merch, just for the fact of paying 11k for cards,

    88. Benjamin

      1:02:14 when he pulled the Pokemon Charizard

    89. Patrick Rogers

      I'm poor old donate old help my family

      1. stopitjay

        haha ur poor hahaha

    90. Alberto

      im just now watching this thinking weed man really did fuck it up

    91. The Boss_

      Are u dream come to my. Channel and see this post is the first one NOT KIDDING COME NOW

    92. Jericho

      that 30k balbasaur tho xD that guru is an idiot lmao

    93. Poopskins noob


    94. tokyo pill

      dude to the right of logan paul is annoying af tbh.

    95. Fun Fur Life

      Yoooo the legit owner of hypixel