She Will Have My Baby If...

Logan Paul

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    I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

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    1. الكينج _ Mohammed

      انا عربي وانا بحبك ❤

    2. Mend-Amar Odbayar

      matt riddle a fucking pro wrestler responded to him saying bro

    3. Olivia Moreno

      Bhahd bhabie said I got 50$ on lil tay

    4. Mini Ninja

      Logan where the fuck is the baby

    5. Nite Tech

      Honestly the new logan has evolved into better content creator, and he gets to much hate

    6. Tedk021


    7. hyper_tactics _17



      I like how logan changes like mayuring unlike jake immatured brat

    9. Sawyer Murphy

      Fuck you I am a trombone player

    10. T moi

      When is mini Logan will be born?

    11. Deadshot 12

      Almost 1M likes ik y’all are not together but you told us so you son of a bitch

    12. Mark Long

      The lame pants echographically alert because iron complimentarily remember concerning a sophisticated lycra. dreary, abhorrent snake

    13. Pam Kigham

      Lagu Paul Joel

    14. Ean Orellana


    15. CinePrize YT


    16. Arnold & Jones

      where is the baby you have 900k likes make a baby yoou need to be a father

    17. HyperSonicYT

      where the bebe

    18. HyperSonicYT

      I wanted to play the trombone but my family couldn't afford it. 1:23

    19. Nein danke

      I will feel bad for your kid, having a such a pathetic person as a father.

    20. HolliePlayz

      Logan is a dad?

    21. Emeraldthedog

      We almost doubled the milestone

    22. burak polat

      u have 900k likes and u dont have a baby

    23. Drayden Miller

      More than five hundred likes

    24. Daniel Washington

      Were the baby at Logan

    25. Crystal_Wolf

      Yo I saw James Charles pop up and I laughed

    26. Niyyl0

      Where’s the baby

    27. Charles Price

      Where is the baby we have 90 k likes

    28. Keshav Goyal

      900k but still no baby😭😭

    29. MalcBdP

      Wheres the baby logan

    30. A13

      فيديوهاتك حماسيه

    31. A13

      انت افضل يوتيوبر

    32. A13

      سلام عليكم

    33. doritos ganzado


    34. Lowkey King

      pls make the vlogs longer

    35. parker bear

      Yo Logan the video has 901k likes why is t Josie pregnant

    36. snow storm

      now give us our fucking baby a million likes

    37. Brennen Anderson

      Hey logan, we hit the like count hahaha

    38. nevin Vriend

      when is baby logan

    39. ruf ruf

      It has 901.000 likes. It's six months later where is the baby, man....

    40. Darkyper

      4:24 your life is ruined 😂😂😂

    41. Fabio Barrett

      Where’s the fucking baby Logan

    42. Kathleen Scallan

      Brad martan

    43. Tricia Morrish

      I want that trumpbone

    44. Sacha Bowen


    45. VibeZZone

      Aren't the fall guys characters like 6ft

    46. Levi Franklin

      He is going to have a child

    47. Katherine keeney

      Il is is is going on to 5f5f5rc the first time we are going back and having the other night off at a different place at least one of the

    48. gurpartik dhaliwal

      where da baby at.

    49. kind dub mobile gaming

      Where is the baby you promised us

    50. Amine Cherni

      Logan got a baby because of us

    51. TeeX

      im starting to think the baby isnt coming

    52. Daniel Cox

      Make the fucking baby

      1. Simbi Chideya

        They broke up

    53. Ethan Grissom

      Why don’t you fight someone tough for a change mommas boy and fight Carl Johnson he would knock you out in less than 5 minutes easily, you stand no chance against Carl, he’d hit you so hard that you wouldn’t be able to feel your face for a month.

    54. Riley Hawkinson


    55. zackdoesyt

      Were da baby

    56. MC_Doodles_YT

      Logan's child: How was i born from mom? Logan: Oh it goes awhile back when i started posting and 500k people hit a button and then we had you The son: :O

    57. Afif Sunvi

      900k likes but no josie🤣

    58. Ayden's Lion Channel

      Where’s the baby there’s more than 5klike

    59. Vanessa Knight

      L like. YOur. VIdeo. LOgan. PAul

    60. trendy trends

      Your life is ruined lol

    61. Leo Garcia

      You think baby’s are made by sex nah it’s made by likes so like it up bicth’s

    62. notbobjrop

      I like how it's all ready hit 900K and nothing happen

    63. AnderGamingRoboxxx

      logan is fucking crazy

    64. Benjamin Pachowicz

      Logan: 500k and child Everyone: *Sends the 500k to 900k* Where dis child at Logan? We also have doubled it.

    65. Leonel Alanis

      Where the baby at

    66. dheeraj motupalli

      Where is the baby

    67. Lectacon Defleti

      i guess 4 months left !

    68. Sanszz19 Gaming

      You know that life is low when you binge watch Logan Paul

    69. Brett Harmon

      Where’s the baby at?????

    70. 75xLie

      Bro is the baby come on man

    71. Kabbabs Studio

      BECOME A FATHER! -^-

    72. WRX

      does anyone else notice he is not verified lol

    73. Stanley Curry

      where baby

    74. Matthew_dag

      I love how logan says "oh so turns out josie's actually not gonna be a good mom" as if she would be the issue in their parenting journey

    75. dyspm hansonb

      logan it has 899k likes were waiting

    76. Infinite Alíen

      We’re the fuck is the baby you all ready past 500,000 likes

    77. Alyssapaige18086

      I play trombone...

    78. James Donnelly

      So like... they got 900k likes so do get get like one and a half or like one and a kid with no legs cuz I have no clue

    79. ogjayess

      wheres the baby logan hmmmmmmmm very sus why did you lie

    80. cyber

      where the baby at?

    81. Fire King

      I play trombone

    82. Maximilian Chyla

      where the baby

    83. Airpods.280.

      we still waiting for the baby logan!!!!

    84. Razvan Stamatie

      800k likes now Where is the baby? @logan paul

    85. Chris Montra

      now were is the baby pay up logan

    86. CYPHER

      Wow i miss these vlogs bruh

    87. Khol Kal

      Where is ur kid

    88. Vin Fritz 1

      You have to have a baby know

    89. Theycallmejrrip

      How dare you hate on me for playing trombone

    90. Houston 4848 1

      Where the baby

    91. Alex Kinch

      were is the BABY!

    92. Logan Paul Has spoken

      Logan Paul has spoken

    93. Malik Mustafa

      we passesd 500k likes wheres the baby??

    94. Eli Hicks

      Lol lil tay

    95. Emil Gembicki

      were waiting for the baby logan

    96. Chetram Jaisingh

      lol 897k

    97. rnnzo

      Who’s here after they broke up

    98. Łiċĸž

      0:25 james charles bruh

    99. Jenniece Pettigrew

      It’s past 500,000 likes so let’s see this happen boy names John,Luke,aiden,Nathan,Caleb,Isaac, and last is Noah and girl names lily,Olivia,Emma,Ava,Sophie,Isabella,Bella,mya and mia.

    100. Noob Nagas