This Completely Crushed Them...

Logan Paul

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    Consider this payback for the shrimp...
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    I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

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    1. Parker Stever

      Go penn state

    2. killer vortex

      Bro the musical chairs was like that one bizarvark episode with musical chairs

    3. Apoorva Gamer

      OK I really like your videos and you are my favorite HUfast but what you did to Mike was just rude

    4. moizzkhan

      Enjoyed the vlog until 0:52

    5. Output Kay

      I just realised that the musical chairs game was an actual representation of Logan, Jake and mike's careers

    6. Alex Pasko

      Poor mick he actually seemed really sad

    7. duarteqpina

      can Lana make more videos ??

    8. Ruveenie Grobler


    9. Cinamatic playz

      Come on get him another slushy machine

    10. Balokwa Thewhat

      Is on hub yooo🤣


      4:23 that scared the shit out of me lmao

    12. Kamran Saleem

      The uptight horn alternatively receive because pasta oppositely murder abaft a magenta flesh. womanly, murky ukraine

    13. Jig Saw


    14. Caleb kapeli-spencer

      Aug 16 is my birthday 🤣💯

    15. Ilir Meta

      Liken u are a bossss

    16. Shuaib Hassan

      This content is funny af

    17. NoMIx

      Mike has brought up with Lana?

    18. Ethan Grissom

      Why don’t you fight someone tough for a change mommas boy and fight Carl Johnson he would knock you out in less than 5 minutes easily, you stand no chance against Carl, he’d hit you so hard that you wouldn’t be able to feel your face for a month.

    19. Loyal Clan

      Who used to hate Logan but now lives him!

    20. ImNotMoth

      What is the song at 4:08

      1. Igor Sqwarliński

        Cypis-bialy wegorz

    21. Ghhh78

      Jake paul ruins logans videos

    22. Matthew_dag

      Logan: I lied, bro there was a catch Evan: haha, good old logan paul I swear Evan's jokes are underrated af, like he has the best sarcastic jokes

    23. Sanai Wynn

      I like how him and jake are nice to each other nice brother relationship

    24. Donkey Kong

      Just go to Sonic

    25. Juju Nuts

      0.50 he said is that jake paule lol

    26. Guero Gomez

      He is going to fight Floyd mawheather

    27. Carlos Morales

      Ngl thats fucked up.logan

    28. HUNTER

      Aug 16 is my bday

    29. Aaron Unruh

      I’ll probably leave now you guys a can do your thing!! Lmfao!!😂😂

    30. Peter Thomas

      It used to be Evan and logan

    31. Aaryan Dash

      yooo august 16 was my bday lmao.

    32. shox08

      Mike loves the dumbest things

    33. Liv4 Gaming

      How fake was that foot piano

    34. ALEXA BECK

      2:41 is so me 💀💀

    35. Helen Dol

      Hey Logan Paul love your vis

    36. Cyle Fain

      i watch cause lana

    37. Agenda TwentyOne


    38. youngbosss

      Yo what the hell does Mike want Lana rhoades, lazy lake or a slushy machine

    39. Honza Jirouš

      Jon marianek🤣😃

    40. Typical Gamer

      to be his girlfriend like really?

    41. Typical Gamer

      How much money is he paying her?

    42. Sniper Boy

      I was going to find my comment but i forgot my channel got fucking deleted

    43. sagar bandodkar

      Damn the intro was sick

    44. Darkness of fortnite

      That was mean

    45. Foley Boys

      I just want to point this out Mike is holding a chicken when he walks in

    46. K.A.E.T

      Why did jake look like a homeless man when he pushed logan out of the chair😅

    47. Randehmarsh Games

      Why is Jake more sufferable in Logans vids than literally anything else

    48. Sir Melvs

      well that that ruins their friend ship yea!!!!!!! actually im joking i luv their friendship

    49. Kayden james

      Yo logan I love ur vids but lana is well annoying

    50. Carl Hennessy

      0:28 he called mike mark 🤣

    51. Kaden Chakrabarti

      “Holy shit is that Jake Paul?!”

    52. Erin Hateley

      i bet mick was really sad

    53. Erin Hateley

      rip slushie machien

    54. lala land

      Does anyone know what kind of dog Logan has?? It's sooo beautiful 😍

    55. Kaleab Tarekegn

      Fuccc this piece of sheet I'm cleaning with ksi

    56. Braulio Rivas


    57. Nitro_Vlogs

      I feel so bad for mike like he actually sounded so sad that Logan destroyed it 😔😢😢

    58. Yanixan XD

      why that so sad

    59. Harmony Plays


    60. Maasi Sandgreen

      Wien mike is addicted to slushy


      Ngl logan u are kind of a fucking bad friend, he was happy first and then u crushed it

    62. Yung Wavyy

      You know 711 sells slushys

    63. Srishti hehe

      2:19 can someone tell me whats the song

    64. Srishti hehe

      2:11 EPIC

    65. Papa Wuise

      I love mike just wants basic things in life like riding a lazy river or having a slushie machine 😂

    66. Ryan Vuurmans

      Lol when ake paul comes in he is like yea dude fuck it lol i win

    67. pancakefactory

      Poor mike

    68. Xetroix Reaper

      Jake is a peice of shit........HE THREW THE FUCKING CHAIRRRRRRR

    69. Kacpeyre

      0.02 This is lana rhoades ?!!

    70. Bongo Cat

      “It feels like having a much of condoms but no dick” wow... what a good example

    71. Lucas Kjetselberg

      My birthday is on 16 agust

    72. Zaayonik

      I love it when Mike screams

    73. sçar

      You should not have done that to mikey

    74. qbot botnets

      When they said side of the road I didn’t think that far away it was point less just like laying musical chairs at home 🤣

    75. Oneh1ghkid

      I play piano and that’s not how you play fur Elise

    76. Dominic Colangelo

      Even with Jake in this vlog, it was still entertaining. And now I want a slushee machine with green apple flavor! 😋

    77. LuCkY PeReZ

      Subscribe to Logan Paul

      1. Amir Faisal


    78. Amber Hinman

      Mike said I never had a slushie he could just go too seven eleven

    79. HarrisunFun


    80. Ayush Jaiswal

      Can someone please tell me what was that song in the outro❤️

    81. Eli Shea

      just go to dunkin doenuts stupid and get a blue rasberry coolatta adurr

    82. تانجيرو AMV

      fila am😁

    83. FazeBro Choate

      She with the kid laroi

    84. ICEMAVRICK1791 hinkley

      He my friend to

    85. ICEMAVRICK1791 hinkley

      Logan you know your German friend

    86. ICEMAVRICK1791 hinkley

      Hi logan

    87. riftblaze

      nah jake ruins the vlogs ffs logan makes it better tbh

    88. Im_aidiot

      4:50 is everyone just going to ignore that there’s a latter in the background

      1. David Hodge

        Wtf is a latter?

    89. Heidi Tamer

      Is it me or does Mike kinda look like adam sandler?😂😂

    90. Rodolfo Perales

      Ihate to say it because i cant grow one to save my life an im 27 but its the BEARD really matured him

    91. Suppe Er godt

      God old Logen Paul: 4:23

    92. Keira Watterson

      The eight architecture adventitiously mourn because paint orly smell but a tan look. pricey, roasted atm

    93. Colin Keane

      0:47 tho

    94. Taiaundre Bitsue

      Is it me or it looks good

    95. Saad Aldook

      00:00 🤣🤣🤣

    96. alejandro rivera

      Why all the fucking HUfastrs had a dwarf in their house

    97. Angel Hernandez

      That’s fucked up

    98. Harry Harper

      Mike is the biggest pussy ever

      1. Rex Gamer Dude

        No u

    99. Snooxe123

      2:20 name of the song please?

      1. Srishti hehe

        sameee :((( lmk if someone tells you