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Logan Paul

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    Maverick Clothing ‘BONE’ Series 7.22.20 ►
    She’s definitely top 3 though.
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    I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

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    1. matthew fortuin

      the billion dollar question is Lana pregnant

    2. Plague[Death]Doctor MIKEYY

      3:00 i believe he is listening to metallica

    3. Pam Kigham

      Logan paul and the girls and the Joel

    4. Ethan Grissom

      Why don’t you fight someone tough for a change mommas boy and fight Carl Johnson he would knock you out in less than 5 minutes easily, you stand no chance against Carl, he’d hit you so hard that you wouldn’t be able to feel your face for a month.

    5. Scout O’Loughlin

      Plz upload more Logan don’t waste your money on that Pokémon shit do stuff like this plz

    6. Payton Hickman

      u should go to belize

    7. Karim Mohamed


    8. rick_-_

      Come to germany

    9. KEVIN

      Anyone else got this recommended?

    10. Hamza Abbas


    11. Santiago Valverde

      What is the song called at the end?

    12. Jordina Rajadurai

      What’s the song at the start anyone please

    13. Yukio


    14. Raahee Nagnath

      I am stuck in thos million dollar house for too long... yeah what a torture

    15. Jonathan Calle

      go to colombia

    16. Brock Lindman

      No one: Me: 3:00 ENTER SANDMAN

    17. Jaylen Yarbrough

      Josie: im not leaving you Logan on impaulsive: E- Ex-girlfriend

    18. The CoD-M Dude

      3:00 tell me i do t know Metallica

    19. DANNYDOOMM Gaming

      i like how logan is listening to sad but true by metallica

      1. DANNYDOOMM Gaming

        nvm wherever i may roam

    20. Declan Tayler

      Wait WHAT??? When you were getting tested they barely went up your nose, when they did mine they went up to where 3 quarters of the thing was up my nose!

    21. Tichý Rape

      3:01 that was enter sandman

    22. G G

      You’re always welcome to visit Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦🍃

    23. ZipZap ZuBag

      The intro and the outro song is Sucker by kaptan. Yessir🔥🔥

    24. Gaming Ninja

      Raoul is my identical name

    25. Josef van Praag


    26. Lil Vilo


    27. 2 CHXPz

      Pray Paul family gets to know Jesus

    28. Rocketsmoke

      Who else noticed his name is Logan Paul?

    29. BAMBO

      “You’ve seen my dad Greg?”

    30. TheBananaPeel


    31. Gage Maddox

      “We’re on a podcast together”😂😂

    32. ALPHA

      Atleast during quarantine logan has better content and I watch him now

    33. David Adams

      sofie dossi brings back mad nostalgia, back in the old logan videos

    34. Manoj Adhikari


    35. Calix

      Yes come to Saudi Arabia, Riyadh you are welcome to come

    36. SHIVAM prajapati

      What's the song name at the beginning?

    37. Alex Liu

      come to Taiwan

    38. Gio

      man was listening to enter sandman for the first song lmaoo

    39. Sheril Sarwar

      What's the song/music that plays towards the end of the vlog?

    40. Mcdonald's Big Mac

      That dog digging on the bed was the most dog thing ever 😭

    41. Gowther


    42. Krishna Behera

      Anyone here after they broke up?

      1. Xander Willingham

        Anyone that sees your comment is gonna be here after they broke up, stop asking for likes my dude

      2. Krishna Behera

        @Yoman Yomandx yep

      3. Yoman Yomandx

        Did they??

    43. Dee's Nuts

      Yoooo wth! This question will probably never get an answer but I just want to know how tf I just had some serious daja vu moment watching this vlog and I just started going through your videos 12/06/2020 😱

    44. Quacki TITE


    45. MBcaloy Estose

      I was like it would be awesome if sofie dossi will go to his house then the next 10 seconds she appears and im like ohhh this got interesting

    46. Your Friendly neighborhood Poop Dealer

      What was the archer girls name?

    47. Ludbe Karan

      Name of The song ???

    48. Ian Victory

      Wait, so who shit first? Lol

    49. William Gaffney

      I have the same oven as Logan except that that mine are stacked on top of each other.

    50. Abdullah su


    51. Bilal

      What is interesting in germany man 🤣

    52. Mortis

      I from Poland

    53. Oscar Treherne

      It’s funny how Logan gives his friends things that they can ride he gives people cars and then he gives mike Lana fucking rhoades

    54. MiMi

      go to poland

    55. Bernadette Knight

      I m 3

    56. Gabriel Soares

      go to cost rica

    57. Angelo Mitchell

      0:35 Josie: And his name is Raoul Mike: RaOuuuu? Dave: Ragoo? 😂😂😂

    58. Shaco

      4:24 music pls ;)

    59. k

      2:22 um

    60. barry

      U can go to lithuania

    61. Anthiqxd

      Where i can buy the hat, what Logan have ?

    62. Lucas rode 2246

      when Josie's dog ears flap broley looks and sticks his tounge out

    63. Abdullah Awais

      I don't know why but this triggers me that Logan leaves every language possible of subtitles but leaves English to be auto-generated

    64. Grant Plays Games


    65. Crystal Rampersad

      the name is RAUL my son name is RAUL

    66. Solomon agers

      Can someone tell me the song at the outro

    67. nicolas

      1:37 Polska gurom

    68. Freidzn

      why was the fucking dog flying backwards???!!! lmfao hahaha, great editing skills

    69. Muhammad Shaeel

      what's the song name at 4:18 ?

    70. Shitposter

      Oh guys,he is stuck in his multimillion dollar mansion with a pool,gym and 20 friends,lets help him

    71. Kill Or Die Clan

      What song is playing

    72. Mamards Gaming

      What was the outro song he used?

    73. Frankie Sacco

      omg that dog was adorable.

    74. ginma

      it wasn’t the body that got u in trouble?

    75. avinash upadhyay

      i wish maverick clothing was available in my country nepal 😥 i want it wear badly

    76. Neil Shah

      What is the name of the outro song?

    77. ole birdy

      Your such a cute couple. Awesome energy 😄

    78. Arabic TikTok0

      saudi arabia yeaaaa go there

    79. MeymeNET

      hello Logan Paul, we love you very much, we are following the whole family, can you please help me I need subscribers for my HUfast channel to grow please

    80. Joseline Burgos Santiago

      Come to Puerto Rico

    81. Westin Snider


    82. Bhoomi Gupta

      " do i come before you? yeah, usually" - logan paul

    83. بدر السيف

      I love it when you say Saudi Arabia 🤣I’m from there and you welcome in Saudi Arabia 🕺🏻😍

    84. Vibez .

      By the way if you guys are going to go to a differint country go to switzerland. It is so opan and you don’t even notice that their is Covid 19. And it is really preatty

    85. alfiiniix

      Philippines is the best

    86. Yunus Marikar

      Saudi arabi !!! Let's gooo I am from Saudi . Love you logan paul. Don't stop making your amazing videos!!.....

    87. Louis Waithaka

      Pls come visit switzerland so we could hang out😁

    88. Shoto Todoroki

      *Logan* "Can we just go to the next one?" *Logans GF* ">:0" *Logan* *Wheese of a child in a freazer*

    89. Joanna Gauci

      Come to malta bruh

    90. Cheeky Me

      that girl is buuu and no shave bring you to my grand dad wiewers.. liked you but you getting old

    91. Hunner_999

      I’ve seen your dad fried

    92. Dalton Weschler

      Mac is a terrible freaking model

    93. עילאי מועלם


    94. taylor amidon


    95. Barhom gamer

      عندك نسوان تخبل يوال 🤣🤣🤣

    96. احم احم -

      ايش التحدي الغبي ذا🤨

    97. Nawaf Khalid

      تعال عندنا ارحب

    98. Mats Wilander

      What’s the song in the beginning?

    99. Chirath

      Logan was listening to Enter Sandman at 3:00. Just for your information.

    100. ahmed A

      اذا جيت السعودية لاتجي الى مع حبيبتك 😢