This Was A Mistake

Logan Paul

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    He swabbed my brain
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    I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.
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    1. oliver bechfeldt


    2. tnxcks-

      I'm always seeing Logan's old videos in my recommended these days

    3. Blazing Phoenix

      i love stoner logan😂😂

    4. gio azna

      is the title about jake paul?

    5. Kylie Thomas

      Lo gang for life

    6. YT Fluid


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    11. YT Fluid


    12. Ethan Grissom

      Why don’t you fight someone tough for a change mommas boy and fight Carl Johnson he would knock you out in less than 5 minutes easily, you stand no chance against Carl, he’d hit you so hard that you wouldn’t be able to feel your face for a month.

    13. Baby Gaming Cow

      How is he not arrested

    14. treylinp


    15. Braulio Rivas

      do they really smoke weed or is it just a joke? reply to tell me

    16. Rachel Bloomfield

      arent the builders just doing there job

    17. Matthew_dag

      Logan complains about the neibhours construction noise, but then builds a conversation pit in his house

    18. Bill James1

      Poor Hayden editing at 1:06 in the morning

    19. MaddieP74

      High Logan is my favorite thing.

    20. ghostly_gaming

      Honestly I like logan videos again and he reminds me of David

    21. Brandon Whitehouse

      your make the funniest videos on youtube

    22. Davi Filósofo

      essa logan e incrível.

    23. kozsiast

      "My name is Corona" the song used was by an Indian Comedian 'Naveen Richard'

    24. MrCopyrighted

      Logan paul: its 7 ammmm Also logan paul: wakes his friends up with pianoaccordians at 6:30am

    25. G & M Games


    26. Roblox Gamer

      Pls someone explain the joke about knife and Twitter thing

    27. Juan Melendez

      Logan do to you really smoke weed?🥺

    28. Zaayonik

      2:21 was fucking hilarious

    29. Braulio Rivas

      hey where you get that weed ;)

    30. Cameron Boothby

      ha this is a mistake your a mistake

    31. cara fineman

      Do more Lana

    32. Elijah Suarez

      Huh I am a mistake

    33. Gabriel Gestl

      When someone gives you a jimmy you just gotta struck the fur

    34. Raven freak

      Imagine playing hide and seek and u had a fitbit

    35. B3y0nd l1m1ts

      Which editing software is he using 1:04

    36. Naruto Jr

      I love the videos

    37. Sr. Hace


    38. akaTantive

      Whats the outro song?

    39. Jaxson Stephens


    40. Lina Senulienė

      Why the screaming goat why

    41. Blondie231

      I would actually enjoy being Logan’s neighbor.

      1. Theodd One

        Yeah because you torture the crap out of him I wold LOVE that

      2. Joe Mamaa

        Yea durrrrr

      3. Raven freak


    42. summer salad69

      And so were you!

    43. Alex Rangel

      I am only 9 and I have to wake up at 7 in the morning to go to school

      1. domfrost


    44. Nose Mc cream

      I am the mistake

    45. DA PIJON

      0:07 well now u know why u where evicted from your last place

    46. GamingSlowzz z


    47. Gowther

      I've been binge watching Logan's vlogs, i wish he still vlogs man

    48. Wittes & Antoinette Beukes

      Image you doing your job and someone just comes and playing the screaming goat sound

    49. Content by Yoko

      logan watches gta funny moments xDDDDD

    50. Le blockist

      Like you logan

    51. Sharon Wood

      You were a mistake Logan Paul

      1. AD EM

        Why are you watching him then


      The goat screaming though.

    53. Ff naveen Sood

      I like the video is named my channel

    54. Eric Woodard

      1:52 🤣🤣

    55. HotBoyzTv

      I look up to logan paul... i make my videos just like him subscribe to my channel

    56. Zach Waddell

      Had a baby formula commercial on this one. Lol 🤔

    57. MrDoge

      Pause at 1:23 That’s some shit acting

    58. Tejas Ravi

      The goats😂😂

    59. YUHDATS_NAE !!!!

      this was posted on my birthday & i didn't even get to watch-

    60. CJcrazygamervids


    61. Rolando Aldana

      I love ur editor 1:04

    62. Meme Knight

      Logan Paul: this was a mistake every Redditor in a 10-mile radius: so was you

    63. hassam seo


    64. Shen

      Shouldn't really be talking about your HUfast channel like that but alright.

    65. sir samson rodriguez

      POV: The video title and thumbnail were made by logans parents

    66. The Spider Gaming

      I can't belive Logan's girlfriend sees this every morning: 2:23

    67. Jyotirmoy Roy

      Bro that corona music is from India brooooo😂😂😂😂😂

    68. Silent Gaming

      Unless your a socialpa- OMG Gud content

    69. Sam Abraham


    70. JuJu

      Me thing that the title says i was a mistake

      1. JuJu

        I just read to fast

      2. JuJu

        No hate btw

    71. Eric Martens

      I fuckin spat my tea out when I heard the screaming goats


      gold diggers are so f****** annoying I would so deep at 2 in the morning because if you start talking loud

    73. Aiden Mahoney

      The bad news bears music was a good touch

    74. WB Gaming

      logan paul looked like a true karen when he walked out with the speaker


      My name is Reece

    76. pod360wolf

      6 million saw this reading the title "This Was A Mistake"

    77. Amanda Myers

      Logan is DAMN cute all high

    78. markos papadopoulos

      actually its 10 hrs of screaming goats 0:31

    79. BigRedFamily

      I got the test on my birthday when I was turning 8 I hated it trust me

    80. ShortMovie Editor

      0:38 yeah you do know they ddnt choose to work at 7:30 am and they don't like working at &;30 am as well, its their boss's choice, so you just annoyed helpless poeple

    81. Frank Montoya

      That Hayden cut scene had me rolling

    82. Papaya

      Logan Paul is a mistake

    83. Venom_is_ Goated

      i thought this was jake pauls vid and he was saying that logan is a mistake

    84. Odette Popko

      those goats screaming just sounded like logan....

    85. RugidoFit

      jajajaja nice 420

    86. Billy Castle

      Why is Logan not verified, according to HUfast you are meant to get verified at 100K subscribers. Logan has 22.4M subscribers!

    87. Joe Philip

      When you just figured out logan went to OU fuck yeah baby

    88. Eldritch Mosaic

      Your life was a mistake

    89. Keaton Walker

      Logan is the fucking g.o.a.t😂

    90. Allyson Juliana

      Love the reaction at the end. Almost died Of laughter

    91. cube guy

      The thing that's still a mistake is that yours and jakes channel still exist

    92. pranav krishna

      We all r mistakes and we all know that

    93. Şewal

      Baş koymuşum TÜRKİYEMİN yoluna Irmağının akışına ölürüm TÜRKİYEM 🇹🇷🇹🇷

    94. bigtonutz


    95. The mighty Shlong guy

      Bitch you think 7am is early? Try waking up at 5am FOR FUCKING SCHOOL

    96. Sammy.nothing.but. Weird

      The title says "This was a mistake" I instantly thought " Thats what my parents said when i was born" the trust hit different

    97. Alexarae Casas

      why do you make your merch so expensive?