Trapped With My Girlfriend At -202 Degrees

Logan Paul

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    I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

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    1. Anderas Banke


    2. What Now

      Logans girlfriend sounds like Tracey De Santa. If you know you know.

    3. Xkissandmakeup X

      I thought that was greta in the thumb nail then

    4. Antony Konnarides

      then again

    5. Antony Konnarides

      ok i accept

    6. Antony Konnarides

      ship it

    7. Antony Konnarides


    8. Antony Konnarides

      i can direct

    9. Antony Konnarides

      crap aim

    10. Antony Konnarides

      they do

    11. Natasha battle

      yeah that was sick

    12. white dynamic

      the beginning is that thing my dad would see on the camera in the house and my dad always sees me doing something bad

    13. Chris Hoppo

      hey logan

    14. Dominic Ferro

      The painting hahahah

    15. Luka Korbesashvili

      i was a ksi fanboy but after i watched couple of vlogs and now i prefer logan over ksi

    16. Afua Niarko

      what is this for

    17. Life with my Family

      Hey Logan Paul I’m amirr I love your HUfast channel

    18. Ayman Ayman


    19. Ethan Grissom

      Why don’t you fight someone tough for a change mommas boy and fight Carl Johnson he would knock you out in less than 5 minutes easily, you stand no chance against Carl, he’d hit you so hard that you wouldn’t be able to feel your face for a month.

    20. Łiċĸž

      wasnt the title of the vid different or im tripping

    21. Baby Gaming Cow

      I thought Logan was color blind


      The dog running away to

    23. Kayla Wolfe

      She literally said don't touch me. If she didn't want to betouch you shouldn't touch her.

    24. IJEC 30

      Anyone else very confused to what happened

    25. trevboi

      If he moves to Miami, he better not sell the house.

    26. the squad k5

      Logan make a video koi fish

    27. Emilio

      anyone here after they broke up?

    28. Logan Paul Has spoken

      Logan Paul has spoken

    29. Agenda TwentyOne

      You cant be here and not like it so .......WTF.

    30. isabella saez

      i am 100

    31. julian cortez

      “Im holding your boobs for you” Logan

    32. Burger Bros yt

      My name is starting with Julio Evan

    33. Samantha Wood GM 2015

      This feels like a bunch of videos in one lol

    34. Jose Valle

      Is the maverick club free

    35. Srijan Jaiswal

      seeying you shot him.... made me mental...

    36. Jullien Macaraeg

      logan i hit you

    37. Plz give 1k subscribers

      Really a bad video for all

    38. Berke erdoğan

      ​@t here bro

    39. Berlin Naijo

      The editor 😁😁😁😍😍🤩

    40. Griffin Kreb

      How about car

    41. River Jordan

      Batty man

    42. vida sandoval

      Are you ever going to vlog again

    43. Jermarrion Scott

      lo gang forever

    44. Khalid Khan

      I love her with logan more the clohie

    45. Mr. Suspicious

      I can’t believe this isn’t age restricted

    46. İzleyici Kalma

      Türküler kendini beli etsin

    47. Laggy Magz

      I wish I was your editor😏..

    48. Махмутов Кирило -


    49. Mediate Grub

      Logan u change

    50. Alluv

      welcome to finland

    51. Gian


    52. briandemartinez

      This dude is just a lame creep

    53. AMD,

      اي الأرف ده يكدعان في اي

    54. Chandre De Meuse

      Your pretty cross🤮

      1. AD EM

        Why you watching then???

    55. Johann4frlove

      "Im holding your b0oBs for you"

    56. ZzolllozZ

      A day in a typicall privilliged spoiled douchebags life.

      1. AD EM

        Lmfao why you soo butthurt??

    57. Wyatt Johanneson

      stop blurring things out lets see it.

    58. mckenzie gallacher

      2:56 imagine if it was all 1 dollar bills

    59. iixbubbles

      josie~Baby,why would you do that to me logan~i didnt do it to just you dont be selfish

    60. Dark _DEMON

      Rip dwarf moba

    61. Dark _DEMON

      Rip dwarf moba

    62. Amanda Rebert

      Why is your mouth blurred and in the first 22 seconds of the video

    63. Dank Meme boy


    64. reaper champion

      put it to 36 best part

    65. General Kenobi

      Honestly I stopped watching Logan for a while because i felt he was an absolute douche when i stopped but now he's not it seems. I think i can resume my watching of videos of LOGIN but I'm glad. Plus he made it past 2020 without a major controversy. No, this year it was Jake. And A LOT OF IT

    66. Ravi Ranjan

      Logan Paul freaked out man 😂

    67. mizzy

      Who else saw a boob slip

    68. Christina Myrick

      - I'm holding your boobs for you - Logan Paul

    69. Team Kadima

      thank you MrBeast for recommending this

    70. Amanda Rebert

      Logan timber videos with George she's hilarious

    71. El Macho Gaming

      hes such an asshole

    72. Elpai 34

      F for the ex

    73. Ireland Vestal

      Who is watching this in 2021

    74. ShadowHURRICANE

      do u have stupid?

    75. Aaron Kawaja

      Your the best

    76. Aaron Kawaja

      I love. You so so so so so so so much

    77. FaiyazM.

      The editor had some fun didnt he?

    78. TheBananaPeel


    79. sean Gillson

      Hayden had fun with this

    80. Suman Kc


    81. Trinity

      Why is she wearing hijab while she is naked

    82. Jim W.

      I like Logan Paul. Dude is a grinder and seems like a genuine person. Much love Logan

    83. Sophie sloat


    84. Korey Miller

      Rip birdie 😔

    85. JP THE BEAST

      George looks si different with shaved beard

    86. Gian

      I just got chills when logan shot his bow i thought he just litterally shot evan

    87. -iZombie -

      “Ay, can we fuck in here” “Ye-... yeah go ahead” LMFAOO

    88. Jamie Frueh

      POV you are here when they broke up

    89. Thebeast

      I love birds too

    90. Mohammed Ziyan Liyavudheen Kadambottil Abdulkarim EPIIS

      Why the fuck would you do that on cam

    91. aditya gk

      I released a new song its free to download and no copy right please check it out.. xd xd

    92. Ff Hh


    93. V & R Darius

      George no beard uuhhhhh Why he look like he just got out of middle school


      Logan Paul is so shit , I am going to delete HUfast for putting this in my recommended. KSI should have smashed his head in harder

      1. goats are nice

        Lol and you clicked on the vid 🤡

    95. Kaydan hewlett

      I love your content

    96. Laxman Rawat

      F*ck u