Logan Paul

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    I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

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    1. Jahshshdhdgsh

      god is good

    2. Twitch: Chris0_1_0_1

      1:55 lmaoooo

    3. darius misel brawl stars

      1:53 wtf

    4. Leslie Lim


    5. Pam Kigham

      Lagu Paul You and the Joel

    6. Bizkid BLR


    7. Mobracs

      whats the song called the at 2:05

    8. Meze Moments


    9. R Swans

      Damn I want to be the editor 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    10. Mythic Gamez

      Why did he upload a video of him hecking is girl?

    11. Darkghost6099

      1:55 that so funny

    12. Dipesh Thapa

      3:53 AFTER NNN

    13. Rob Nolan

      man they broke up ..I bet that was tough for Logan

    14. HeyimKira

      thought they were gonna fuck on the plane

    15. Darkyper

      rip editor hiller

    16. Isaak Elkind

      1:52. You're welcome.

    17. doggotronik

      wowowowowowowoo what good content wowowowow

    18. Ali Aslam

      1:53 that's the best part ..

    19. Vivek Ram

      What is the song which plays from 2:07 ??

      1. Pxndaboi

        To the limit- ZI

    20. Not Brandon O'connor

      Josie just hops out with a Switch.

    21. Nico Teh Air

      Honestly I haven't watched Logan in a while... and i come back to this video with a girl show tits 20% of the time, why does team maverick have to be so weird

    22. Ricardo Victor

      i hate you i thought you don't cuss

    23. MRBROS


    24. Patryk Zimny


    25. Patryk Zimny


    26. SRG

      i wish i had money to fuck stupid bitches

    27. toxic Gaming

      2:25 haha

    28. TheFanBoy

      1:33 Xd

    29. xxtoxic flowxx

      Who else thinks Logan is better than his brother 🤚 is that even a question 😂😂

    30. Cameron Hume

      Bruh trippin id eat that gum for $500 most

    31. Thomas Eib

      You’re the best HUfastr. I wish I can make Videos like Logan Paul

    32. LIL HUBSIK


    33. Brenda Thompson

      relly no kids

    34. Luke Lundgren

      Do what on the plane

    35. XaZa

      wrong site mr paul?

    36. Simon jw119

      Logan keep that 💩 out

    37. Chibuke Okoro

      i might be a ksi fan but i only hate you when it comes to boxing but your vids are funny

    38. its just Shelby

      he really said I'ma pop a chocy milk (idk how to spell it don't judge me)


      lol you have a hickey on your chest

    40. Tyler Fortis


    41. Mr Snix 2

      I will be sad to see them break up

    42. Kyra Martin

      yo logan i just woke up from a coma how is kong and maverick how is your brother

    43. jac Newberry

      I love how his girl doesn't care about his HUfast channel

    44. The Impures

      come check out my MUSIC EVERYONE

    45. Mason Thomas

      btw ksi only wears that bandana to cover up his big a$$ forhead

    46. fnaf reacts

      Bed sheets are good so

    47. Vandy

      Look at him now😂😂😂

    48. Max Machesney

      the editor had his wrk cut out for him today

    49. Luc Hickey

      Stop birth control

    50. Ethan L

      The first 20 seconds are so funny!!!

    51. i get you

      where are all thhe 13yo boys who clicked on this vid

    52. Steven Butts


    53. John McConnell

      video title: we did it on a plane me: what did u do, rob someone?

    54. Aditya Bahadur


    55. Fabtabulous

      1:54 im crying lmfaoo

    56. Raahee Nagnath

      1:54...omg...his face...🤣🤣

    57. Enstree

      Song at 2:04 anyone?

      1. Pxndaboi

        @Enstree it was a tough search

      2. Enstree

        @Pxndaboi thank you :D

      3. Pxndaboi

        To the limit- ZI

    58. Daisy Gacha

      im cringing- i- someone help me-

    59. Dallas Bowers

      😂😂😂😂 That deep throat sound of choccy MILK

    60. Mariam El-Quadi

      Can I be your editor

    61. Patrick Krason


    62. Ty Kirchhoff


    63. Logan Main

      Mike Stud : I hit it I hit it I hit it first

    64. animete both

      The editor be like that some nice T🤣😂🤣.

    65. Viarrah 193

      Who’s here after the breakup and getting sad:

    66. godson danso

      you lo gang paul where do you get your hot girls form

    67. Chris Rapine


    68. Frank Anderes

      Bro Jose in the back round 2:23

    69. Frank Anderes

      Bro Jose in the back round


      1:53 yea looks like he has it under 100% control lmao kek.

    71. ReesePlaysGamez

      Dani and David just made 600 easy dollars.

    72. the watermelon

      1:54 when my mom forgets my cookies

    73. Cameron Grimes

      the quick snippet of george with the pig freaking out is gold

    74. iixbubbles

      oh it was a bus not plane

    75. iixbubbles

      The plane scene~ Logan~welcome to the life of being a vloger im desprate as fuck this dumb shit for vloggin KNOW SIT UR ASS DO- WHAT THE FUCK*falls* Josie~laughs

    76. Nant Sabenya

      I wanna be ur editor😏😏

    77. vNoLuvDemonn

      George Has the animals covered :George 1:55

    78. BaS!!c Dottt

      lucky ass editor

    79. Prestondoesstuff

      Can we see more of George?

    80. Dylan Yoshida

      Dude I am not the only one that when you saw the title you thought they fucked on the plane

    81. Dru DiCarli

      When Logan said that George had the animals covered I passed out laughing

    82. H1GHLAND3R

      I loved the Willy wonka bit

    83. Finnster 170425

      ,,George has the animals covered“ Pig: uehhiueeeeee

    84. ojus


    85. Joey Frantz

      1:55 I can’t 😂

    86. Izak Hayduk

      @1:54 that actually make me crease 😂

    87. Joshua Plant


    88. Kenny O'kafor

      I’ve been to Las Vegas before I’m going back sometime soon

    89. Purissima Azike

      dude the end was so funny that is just...wow it was a massive explosion and even his girlfriend ran away lol

    90. Nicholas Vaughan

      Who else flinched when he opened the milk

      1. josue herands

        No one

    91. nathan shaw

      fanny face

    92. Jeremy Law

      his editor looks like projared

    93. Liam Carrier

      he have sh*t on his face

    94. Meisje Elise

      u know, and this is what 9-year olds are watching ew just ew why

    95. Aussie Legend


    96. RTG

      Welp now I know Logan is a grower not a shower

    97. Where's the LAMB SAUCE

      Fuck Jake Paul

    98. Shawn Bebee

      1/2 a million

    99. Brian North


    100. Damian Gomez

      Who drives the sprinter while there doing this shit.