We Ran Away Together

Logan Paul

6 M megtekintés413

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    I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

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    1. Travelling with the Sachquatch

      I count 18

    2. Bball Trickshots

      1:51 hayden had lotion 😂


      why do i feel like? Josie was only with logan for popularity

    4. Playford 77

      Just put your f****** mouth

    5. Le Foxy

      why do i feel like most of the vlogs josie flashes the camera

    6. Oni-Chan With a beard

      Whenever she flashes the cameraman gives a like 💀

    7. RaptureKillz

      1:51 lotion spotted

    8. Kanishka Sarkar

      Does anyone know what are Logan and Josie exactly riding and what brand that is?

    9. XKAY MOON

      jow its called this bike 1:43

    10. Mr. Alex

      The editor 1:49🥵🥶😫😱😎😎

    11. smile more

      I never noticed the lotion when Hayden gives the good ol thumbs up

    12. Just Jerz

      Walmarttt 😁

    13. Mr Carson

      Am I the only one that notice once Hayden had his clip he has lotion right next to the computer lol

    14. Ethan Grissom

      Why don’t you fight someone tough for a change mommas boy and fight Carl Johnson he would knock you out in less than 5 minutes easily, you stand no chance against Carl, he’d hit you so hard that you wouldn’t be able to feel your face for a month.

    15. Nitika Webb

      Oh deer😂

    16. Rylan Poston

      Is anyone gonna talk about the lotion bottle???

    17. fire ninja

      1:50 favorite part of the video Lol

    18. Joshua Bissett

      No she ran away

    19. Matthew_dag

      Anybody in a HUfast video: falls into water Editor: 1:37 Me: laughing my ass of, after seeing the same joke for the 1000th time

    20. Johnny Joon

      جميل ❤️

    21. A A


    22. Amit Bhengra

      Haden. I love it when she screams

    23. Andrés Liang

      Decided to rewatch the video, and until now I noticed the bottle of lotion lmfao 1:50

    24. Agenda TwentyOne

      Free Parking?! Classic!

    25. youngbosss


    26. Aubrey McGinnis


    27. aaronmcr

      Now they ran away from each other

    28. Aubrey McGinnis

      if you said not to feed the animals way did she feed you?

      1. AD EM

        Are we supposed to laugh??

    29. Spandan Panchal

      What kind of bike is that he's riding

    30. Jayme Rose

      Hi I’m like 13 and I’m better than Mike at tubing I go out to the lake every summer so yeah I agree that Mike does everything wrong

    31. jonatan bååth

      Can I be youre editor? Hahaha

    32. Rose Anne De Castro

      i love how logan just hast a calm bob ross voice and gets back to normal logan cuz of josie

    33. Phantom

      Anyone else realize that Haden had lotion with him

    34. Althea Williams

      I love josie

    35. ItsDJPlays

      1:50 Hayden having the lotion on the desk-

    36. To_much_sauce_jelly_quan

      He never showed him catching 20 balls, when he caught it over that kid the last one was 17😂

    37. Moose Sphere

      Hello you...... FURRY

    38. James

      1:05 Selman bhai wants to know your location😁

    39. Ben Porta

      Cam Newton makes Logan look like a bitch

    40. Shiva Datta

      What did he say @ 2:31😂

    41. Timothy Ellsworth, PsyD

      Logan Paul is the type of person who would open a glass door to see what’s in the room

    42. Matthew Reitz

      Where do I get the bikes in the video

    43. Chris T

      hayden has lotion on his desk😂😂😂

    44. Crixer

      He cought 18 do???

    45. TenThumbs Productions

      Is this still Cali? Lassen area? Damn... I miss living in my van.

      1. TenThumbs Productions

        June... up there in inyo

    46. Jeff H


    47. Damon Aspeling

      Chlogan was a better couple

    48. Fatme Rahal

      yo i swear if all i have to do to gte free merch is be a karen wth is the contract

    49. ocean sucks at games

      What kind of bike is that can someone tell me plss

    50. Preston Montgomery

      He was a ken

    51. bush pig

      I miss Josie in the vlogs 🙁

    52. Tiko

      That man got lotion

    53. FamouS StarS

      Just love how Logan disrespects em so nice 😭🤣🤣

    54. Bruharmy Soldier

      Karen, its private property. Me, its free real estate.

    55. N Rod

      The love she gave was fake lol

    56. sneed

      nobody prolly cares but i been in the exact building where he went to high school

    57. Robert Worley

      Im new maverik gang

    58. dark David


    59. Jade Nicholas Alberca

      That ........lotion!

    60. Aleen Aljishi


    61. Aleen Aljishi


    62. aryan sanghvi

      What went wrong😭 You both were a power couple and so cute 😭😭😭

    63. Libby Branter

      When he said "I'm pretty rude to"like who would say that

    64. Cervantes Cervantes


    65. Isaiah Padilla

      To me to realize that hadine had a bottle of lotion in front of him 🤣

    66. Arnav Menon

      Karen: Got the helll outta here Logan : shut up girl

    67. Tafsirul Haque

      Who else got this on their recommended

    68. Jake Spenthoff

      I don’t know about superstar

    69. Keira Watterson

      The zippy drake directly flood because wasp namely transport towards a dizzy guatemalan. detailed, draconian bike

    70. FRANN 1


    71. Elijah Meinel

      When yk he said sloppy toppy

    72. YJUUNN

      1:42 song name anyone please?

    73. Rambo Sheik

      1:49 anyone notice the lotion...

    74. BOT 06

      My man Hayden had lube in the clip this man

    75. Ayon Peiris

      the editor had some lotion hahaha

    76. wauni walater

      I feel like posting daily is a phase of a average youtuber

    77. Leonardo Moraveg

      Does anyone the brand and model name of the bikes they are using? They are pretty cool

    78. الجنفاوي شمري الشمري F- 16

      انت تعرف عربي

    79. Mcdonald's Big Mac

      Logan honestly deserves every subscriber he's freaking earned it if you ask me these vlogs are entertaining

    80. Benjamin Shefter

      what kind of bikes are those?

    81. piyush joshi

      will logan come back??? 😪

    82. AB37 GaMeR

      The editor with the lotion🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    83. AW GM

      1:52 I got the lotion already

    84. Santiago Valverde

      Anybody know where I can get those bikes

    85. is.1 is.1

      في عرب 😂❤️

    86. Casper Van der Laan

      O dear. DEAR: hello

    87. Jenny Jones At the Well inspired by B. Beaty

      Dang they were so cute

    88. Michelle Kocher

      That editor is ssooooo happy

    89. Andy Hinds

      That editor what a champ

    90. Cris

      Yo, anyone know what brand of electric bike is that?

    91. devansh ahuja

      What bikes are those please reply thankyou

    92. Brawly LKVenom

      I can’t deal with the pathetic assholes that live in our world (Karen’s and such)

    93. be love

      At least the editor is a girl

    94. Jįmmÿ

      And then they broke up.......

    95. kelden mcneil

      seeing Hayden with his lotion got me

    96. Cheater Envii

      can you guys sub to my youtube channel? i’m grinding!!

    97. Zaid Lameer

      Anyone knows the name of the bicycle they were riding

    98. C. Giles

      You are my favorite person and I subscribed to your video

    99. Roblox Facts

      The title and the thumbnail kinda look simp ngl

    100. Ishaan Saxena

      who is here after logan's and josie's breakup ?

      1. H N

        @Ishaan Saxena just watched it bro thanks🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

      2. Ishaan Saxena

        @H N watch their podcast

      3. H N

        how dyu know they broke up????